Driving an Oversize Commercial Freight Vehicle in Georgia

Oversized commercial freight vehicles generally described as large trucks are allowed on US highways if they conform to state regulations. One can drive oversized commercial freight vehicles only after the state issues a permit and only if certain strict regulations are followed. Each state in the USA has its own regulations and provides permits if the regulations are followed. There are also companies that offer the services of obtaining permits for oversize vehicles.

Oversize vehicles are vehicles that exceed twenty-seven feet in length, have a width that is wider than eight feet and six inches and seven feet in height. This size specification includes attached trailers. The driver of the vehicle requires permits from all the states that the vehicle will travel through. Most states in the US, issue permits only for a single load and mandate that the load cannot be divided. Some states issue permits for divisible loads.

When a freight carrier vehicle has an oversize load, the owner must also send a pilot or escort car for the safety of traffic and the vehicle in the US. There are specifications of how the escort car should look. They should have a yellow oversize load sign and a flashing amber light that should be visible for at least one-hundred feet. The car should either go in front of the vehicle with the oversize load or go behind the vehicle. Some states require two escort cars accompany a freight vehicle carrying the oversize load. Special licenses are issued for drivers when the freight vehicle is carrying an oversize load. Some states allow drivers to choose the route and issue a license accordingly. Most states issue permits and licenses for a specific route.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety issues oversize permits georgia for commercial freight vehicles carrying oversize loads. The department accepts certifications and licenses for oversize commercial freight vehicles that conform to the regulations of the state from other states. They accept licenses from the states of Utah, Virginia, Washington, Colorado and Arizona. The department issues single trip permits and annual permits and issues special permits for escort cars. One can apply for permits from the department either directly or through an agent and furnish insurance details to the department.

There are companies that serve as agents to obtain permits for oversize commercial freight vehicles and escort cars across the US. Some companies obtain permits for specific states. The team in these companies are experienced in getting the best type of permit for the unique needs of their customers. Hiring an agent to obtain a permit for an oversize commercial freight vehicle is cost effective and saves time for the owner or driver of the vehicle. If a commercial freight vehicle has an oversize load but conforms to the regulations of the state, the department of transport or the department of public safety of the specific state will issue a suitable permit to allow the vehicle to carry freight on the highway crossing the state.

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