Selecting the Best Undercoating for Your Truck

Before we can determine what is the best undercoating for your truck, we need to understand just what undercoating is and why it is necessary. A vehicle is one of the most expensive investments anyone can make, and it is important that it be properly maintained. Driving in rainy, muddy conditions, on rocky roads can cause damage to the underside resulting in rust forming. The rust builds and gradually destroys the underside and can cause very expensive repairs. In addition, in areas where salt is applied to icy roads, the danger of rust increases. Therefore, to protect your truck, you need to apply a good undercoating. But, which one is the best undercoating for trucks?

What should we look for in an undercoating product? If you are doing the job yourself, look for one that is easily applied, has little or no unpleasant smell, and applies evenly over the metal and into all its nooks and crannies. Aerosol products are definitely easier to use and provide a more even application than other options. It must apply thick enough to cover yet be pliable enough in case you need to work on any of the parts underneath.

There are several different types of undercoating and the cost can vary from a few dollars to nearly $1,000. You can do the job yourself or have a professional do it. Let’s look at five. An early option that is still used by farmers is reusing old oil drained from vehicles. Eventually, they turned to bar chain oil for chainsaws, as it was readily available and cheap. There are better options available that are more environmentally friendly.

There are several brands of asphalt-based products that can be sprayed on. These products provide easy application, even application, and provides a rubberized coating that protects the metal and seals small holes and cracks. However, there may be a foul scent with this product, but it soon dissipates in a few days. Another advantage of many of these products is that they offer no run, no drip formulas that last a long time.


Wax or paraffin coating is another option. Many people prefer it as it is long-lasting and durable. Polyurethane-based undercoating can be applied quickly and easily but needs an application gun. It seeps into all the nooks and crannies. It can be sanded and painted but needs more prep work. Rubberized coating is another option that is easily applied. An additional benefit is that it provides some sound-cushioning. When dry, it has a rubbery consistency that resists moisture. It can be painted over and is easily removed if necessary. Many experts consider this the best option available.

Undercoating truck can save your vehicle from rust that you will not even be aware of. Using a professional to apply the undercoating will save you time and effort but can be pricey. If you are handy and have the place and patience to do it, go for it. It will be time, effort, and money well spent.

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