Ethanol Fuels – E10 and above variants – are Gradually Downgrading your Vehicles’ Life…

Ethanol is a commonly known additive for gasoline that helps it burn effectively, reducing the harmful emissions. Gas stations across the United States stock and sell fuel blended with 10% ethanol. Most of the modern cars can handle thiours fuel-mix without any difficulty. Besides its benefits, Ethanol can, however, also harm your car’s engine, while using a higher blend than recommended can lead to unknown severities.

Essentially, ethanol is the same alcohol that is mixed in any alcoholic drink. The major problem with ethanol and engines is that alcohol absorbs water, while enough water inside the gas tank can bring your car to stand-still.

Ethanol also oxidizes rubber and plastic parts of most of the older car models. Modern vehicles, on the other hand, have systems designed to store ethanol for longer periods, which can lead to an acidic bacteria to grow in the alcohol mixture, ultimately accelerating damage to these subtle gaskets and seals.

Major Concerns with other High-Grade Ethanol Fuels:

E15 Fuel: Ethanol producers have started offering a 15% blend of ethanol or E15, which is best suited for flex-fuel engines or car-models from 2012 or later. This higher concentration of ethanol, however, can intensify engine problems, especially in older cars.


E85 Flex-Fuel: This fuel type contains a blend of 85% ethanol to 15% gasoline, and specifically meant to be for vehicles specifically designed to use it, while it could seize the engine of a non–flex fuel vehicle. An undiluted E85 fuel in a normal vehicle can greatly increase the chances of seal or gasket damage.

Due to these concerns, various nations worldwide have started boycotting the use of Ethanol fuel for their vehicles.


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