Rent a car: eight tips so you’re not fooled

The DGT estimates that during Operation Summer 2019 there will be more than 89 million trips by road. Not all will be in private vehicles. Those who move by bus must add to those who decide to rent a car for their vacations. To all of them, recommends you these eight tips to avoid paying more than the bill.

1. Make your reservation in advance

In high season it is essential to reserve the car with enough time in advance to ensure the rental of the right vehicle. The most convenient way to book the car is to do it through the company’s website: they often offer interesting discounts. You can also check-in online to shorten the car’s pick-up time in the office.

2. Carefully review the coverage of the rental agreement

It is very important to pay attention to the coverages included in the rental agreement.

Normally the car rental companies include a coverage for damages and theft with franchise. For greater peace of mind, many customers choose to contract additional protection directly with the rental company that eliminates the responsibility of the customer for damage or theft of the vehicle, avoiding intermediaries.

3. Check the status of the vehicle when it is picked up and delivered

When picking up the rental car it is essential to check that there is no damage to the body or interior.

If you detect any anomaly you must inform the rental company so that it appears on the inspection sheet and thus avoid misunderstandings when returning it. In its delivery it is also convenient to check that it does not have any damage to avoid charges of the rented company.

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4. Keep a copy of the signed documentation

It is essential to keep a copy of all the documentation signed with the rental company, such as the contract and the inspection that is made to the car before picking it up and returning it.

5. Rate the option to include a second driver

Especially on long trips, it is very common for the main driver to take turns with another person. In this case, it is essential to indicate to the rental company that there will be an additional driver, to add it to the contract.

6. Check the mileage and fuel conditions

In the contract it is recommended that the mileage be unlimited, especially if you are going to make long journeys. With regard to fuel, each company indicates in the contract the exact amount with which the vehicle must be returned, although the most common is that it is with a full tank. In case of not delivering it with the same amount of fuel, the rental company will charge the equivalent of the cost of it. If you want to avoid going through a petrol station, you can also make a prepaid fuel at the time of the collection of the vehicle.

7. Warn if you are going to drive the car in another country

If you plan to take the car out of the country where it is rented, you must specify it at the time of signing the contract: not all companies allow taking the vehicle out of the country or offering roadside assistance abroad.

8. Notice in which office you will pick up and return the car

Many times, to adapt to the journey of a trip, it is preferable to return the car in a different city to the place where it is collected. For this reason, the company must be notified, since the return in a different city usually entails an extra cost (due to the logistics involved for the company to return the vehicle to the office to which it belongs).

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