An Advanced Level Lesson In Capturing The Perfect Pictures by Auto Image Services

A clear and complete photograph of the vehicle is what really makes the difference. It determines whether a customer will buy the vehicle or will close their Web browser and search for some other options. It is certainly true that a vehicle listing having lots of high-quality pictures tends to sell more, as well as for more money in comparison to those without pictures. For those automotive businesses selling a vehicle online, it is vital to provide clear photographs of the vehicle as an integral part of the listing in order to make the listing successful. Remember that professional automotive photographers can prove to be extremely helpful in this regard.

After a discussion with Oscar Pava from Auto Image Services, a renowned and professional photography services provider for car dealerships located in Miami, we have jotted down some of the most effective tips and techniques for capturing clear and high-quality photos that persuade the buyers to seal the deal and complete the sale.

Attend to the basics

An online transaction needs the seller to provide buyers with a virtual opportunity in order to “walk around” the vehicle they need and observe it as they would do at a showroom. Customers usually demand details that may include around 12 photos of the vehicle. Never make use of stock photos. Always select a setting that can produce original pictures at around 1024×768 pixels (it is a common size, easy to view, and upload.)

Before taking photographs of the vehicle, it is important to ensure that it looks amazing and perfect. Wash it properly, wax it, polish the chrome, vacuum it, and clean the surfaces and seats. Leave no stone unturned. Your vehicle needs to look perfect and should be spotless. Automotive photographers can really help you in this matter.

Step-up your snapshots

No doubt photographing each and every surface is the first and the main step in providing amazing images. The way these pictures are captured also has a major role to play. Scale, lighting, and composition all will influence the way buyers perceive and see the vehicle. Therefore, it should always be taken into condition when the camera is on.

It is important to always choose a site having a natural background whenever staging your photographs. Make sure that the location you have chosen doesn’t have visual distractions as well (an open area in a parking lot or a solid color wall can be great options).

Moreover, one of the most essential elements of any type of photo is proper lighting. A vehicle can appear less attractive due to the shadows from buildings and trees. Also, you need to be attentive to the weather conditions. Photos that are captured on sunny days tend to be more clear in comparison to those captured under a gray and dark sky. In order to take pictures, you should schedule time. You can do that either late in the afternoon or early in the morning. This would allow you to benefit from naturally softer light that is considered to be perfect to capture the best photos. For the vehicle’s interior and engine, you can make use of flash.

Take time to edit

It is also essential to edit each and every photo prior to building a listing. Any type of photo editing software can help you focus the picture, reduce glare, and crop out excess background space. While editing, make sure you do not eliminate any important details. Editing will certainly assist you in selecting the clearest and most detailed photos of the vehicle that is expected by a customer.

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