Advantages to the Use of a Dealership Over Independent Sellers for Used Cars

From financing options to filing necessary paperwork, used car dealerships offer superior service over personal purchases. Buying a car independently from an individual owner is a risky enterprise. Not only is there the possibility of scam, there is also the risk of buying a lemon. The acquisition of a used vehicle is a gamble in of itself, one does not need to perpetuate it through an untested source. This is why buying from the right dealer makes all the difference. If that is not enough for you, here are some other reasons why dealerships are a better purchase option.


Dealerships are required to have certain standards. A dealership will carry the cars paperwork, history, and will keep maintenance on the car current. This means that you will know everything about the car you intend to purchase. Some dealerships even offer the chance to lease the vehicle to buy. If looking for a Lexus for lease new york ny, a dealership is the way to go. Not all dealers are reliable, so you always want to research them before a visit, but individual sales can be even less reliable. A private seller does not have to maintain care of the car, they may not even have proper paperwork. This may not always be the case but at least with a dealer such things are a requirement.

If using a private seller, it is always better to go with someone you know, as in such instances there is a stronger modicum of trust. Dealers also provide a safety net, as they can recoup you on a bad purchase. Usually, they have warranties that protect you against serious problems right out of the gate. Individual sellers offer no warranties which means a bad purchase could end up as a legal matter.

One thing to research when gauging a dealership is whether they offer warranties. In such cases any work the car needs for a certain period following purchase is covered. This is great as it protects buyers from a bad purchase, but also gives you the ability to maintain the cars health without additional cost.


Paperwork becomes a more tedious exercise when buying from an individual. Dealerships handle all the paperwork internally. When buying from individual sellers there is a variety of things that need to be done. Chief among them transfer of title and ensuring that no outstanding fees are present. At a dealership everything is current and prepared. They also offer additional deals that sweeten the pot and add more value to the purchase. The dealership documentation has everything required with nothing left out to mess with you later.


Dealerships also offer financing. Using a dealership gives you the ability to work out a loan, or even trade that aids with the vehicle purchase. The loans provide a wide variety of options that can be compared between dealerships. In this way you can walk away with a cheaper price and a better interest rate.


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