6 Useful Tips for Choosing a Perfect Storage Shelter for Your Classic Car

Owners of cars, and especially classic cars, are always under the stress that their cars may get damaged somehow, particularly because of someone else’s mistake.

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Therefore, most classic car owners want to ensure that they store their valuable possession in a safe and dependable shelter, like a shed or garage.

But they still have some more points to consider while safekeeping their vehicles. One of them is to contact Dazmac Logistics for asbestos in old cars. Here are some others.

1. Choose the Correct Type and Size of the Shelter for Your Classic Car

It’s very important that the shelter you choose for your classic car is appropriately sized. If it’s too small, you will increase the risk of damaging your car more than keeping it safe.

If there is no room in the garage, to open doors or to walk around your car, your car may be damaged due to rubbing against the door that will hit it while opening or closing.

Also, when you want to conduct some minor repairs in your car on your own or even if you invite a professional mechanic, you or he should get enough space to walk around the car and place the required tools at hand.

However, it should also be remembered not to buy a garage that is too large for your property’s expanse.

Also, you should carefully choose the right kind of shelter for your car. For classic cars, steel is a popular option because it’s sturdy and available as easy to assemble DIY products. Another option is plastic which is also considered to be good.

2. Good Quality

There is abundance of inferior workmanship in every field of construction and it’s present in the car shelters too.

Before importing a classic car into Australia with Dazmac Logistics, you should carefully check the quality of various products you want to buy for storing it before settling on any of them.

You should see to it that the garage is properly crafted, made of high-quality metal or plastic and should withstand theft and damage.

3. Correct Assembly

Although the garage is chosen remembering all the criteria mentioned above and so, it’s turned out to be a high-quality product, it can fail to protect your classic car if it’s not properly assembled.

If required, you should get help from family or friends or even professionals to put the shed or garage together.

4. Waterproof

It’s not necessary that a high-quality garage is waterproof. You should make sure it is. If the shelter you bought for your valuable classic vehicle is not waterproof, you will have to paint it with epoxy or waterproof paint.


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5. Insulation

Although you may have a peace of mind by choosing a high-quality shelter for storing your classic car that you have arranged for its proper protection from the outside elements, forgetting about proper insulation of the building can create problems from inside.

If the shed is not properly insulted, condensation can form on the exterior of the shelter which will increase rust and dust inside.

Also an improperly insulated car shelter may lead to more extreme temperatures in summer as well as winter, which can cause further damage.

6. Choose a Proper Location

A shed or garage for the storage of your classic car should be positioned in locations that go well with your home and the surrounding space.

You should also take into consideration the other factors in the location that may cause damage, such as sun exposure, drainage etc.

If the location you choose for the garage is poor, the shelter may flood out or receive too much sun and thus your car may be damaged.

Consider all these factors while choosing the shelter for your classic car so that your precious possession can remain safe and make you proud for years to come.

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