Why You Need To Upgrade Your Truck’s Transmission

Drivers who push their vehicles for top performance at the track and on the road understand why upgrading a transmission is often the key to unlocking better handling, acceleration, and top end speed. When you drive a diesel vehicle that you depend on for your daily work, it’s easy to overlook upgrades like a performance transmission because you’re not necessarily pushing for an intense driving experience or a cutting-edge cornering speed. Still, a new transmission can help a lot, especially if you’re relying on an older vehicle. Let’s spend some time talking about the benefits of an upgraded gearbox in your diesel truck, no matter how big or small it is.

1. Extend the Life of Older Vehicles

No matter what style transmission you drive or what kind of truck you’re running, older vehicles just have parts that are closer to wearing out. One of the keys to getting a good return on your investment in older trucks is knowing when it’s time to invest in an upgrade that lets you retire worn out engine parts. Your transmission is no exception to this. While a new transmission is expensive, transmission upgrades are a great opportunity to breathe new life into a truck that feels like it’s on its last legs even though the engine is performing admirably. You’ll probably notice a much smoother ride, too.

2. Improve Towing Performance and Handling Under Load

Whether you haul cargo in your truck or pull a trailer, the transmission does a lot of the heavy lifting every time you accelerate and decelerate. An upgraded transmission that outperforms the OEM design for your truck is a good way to improve handling and fuel efficiency. Combined with the right investment in additional engine and fuel system upgrades, it can even help you improve your fuel efficiency or your towing capacity.

3. Control Your Power Curve on Inclines

If you drive long haul, you know there are a lot of geographic challenges out there. Even if you don’t, there are plenty of areas in the country where steep inclines challenge work trucks, box trucks, and other large diesel vehicles. Upgraded transmission performance brings more than just an upgrade to your acceleration power, it also brings better torque for handling and traction when you’re driving the most challenging routes in your repertoire.

When Is It Time To Upgrade?

A new transmission can be a big investment, which is why it’s natural to want to time it perfectly. At the same time, though, you don’t want to wait on a repair if your transmission is showing signs of wear. Pay attention to gear slippage and other performance issues, and make your upgrade as soon as you notice them popping up.

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