What You Must Know Before Choosing a Torque Converter

When it comes to any racing like drag racing that involves automatic transmission, it is essential to consider quality. If you do not have the knowledge, choosing a torque converter that performs well can be a difficult task. Most people do not understand them and can make a mistake when purchasing. So what are some of the things you should know before purchasing? Get the insights.

High Speed and Balance

You should ensure that the converter does not experience vibration and something. For example, it can ruin the thrust bearing of your motor. Performance converters are subjected to higher rpm than stock converters. That means if there is vibration on the converter, there is the possibility of multiplication under performance conditions. That is why you should choose a converter that has both internal and external balance.

Furnace Fins

Welded converters or furnace braised ones must be considered. In the case of a stock converter, the pins are held together by a metal piece that is bent. If it is subjected to extreme conditions, the pieces of metal can become loose and destroy both the torque converter and transmission. The destruction occurs when debris are sent to the transmission through the front pump.

Anti-Balloon Plate

Ballooning is a condition where the metal steel cover expands like a balloon. It is a micro scale expansion. If this occurs, several issues can develop. For example, there can be increased clearances in the converter. It causes increased wear and tear. Also, in some cases after a converter balloon, it may push forward to the direction of the motor. It can also push back towards the direction of the transmission, or both can occur. If this happens, the thrust bearings can fail, and in the case of a backward push, it takes out the front transmission pump. The anti-balloon is used in covering the torque converter so that it does not expand. When choosing torque converters, you must be aware of this!

Mechanical Diode

The sprag or mechanical diode is useful in holding the stator when the multiplication of the converter by torque is happening. After you exceed the rpm and the process of multiplication ceases, the stator freewheels and unlocks. A diode is a mechanical device.

Thrush Bushing

Performance converters cause internal stress. Within the converter, there is the weakest link, and it becomes the first one to fail. But you can prevent this, and you can use a converter that has a thrust bushing of heavy duty.

Hardened Pump

You should consider a hardened hub because it is durable when compared to a regular one. If it is exposed to extreme conditions, chances of failing are lower than that of a regular one. You should also find a pump hub that is recognized for having superior specs.

When it comes to buying a torque converter, do not be uneducated. A savvy person should always be on the lookout of the latest developments in the industry. You must also research the product and pricing as well as services.

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