Valuable Information That You Should Know When Renting A Van Or Ute

Renting a vehicle involves quite a lot of choices and possibilities. Starting from choosing your provider, to choosing and using the vehicle that is best to suit your situation, as well as gathering and going through the necessary documentation.

Doing research on your local companies is the most important part when you are about to rent a vehicle, and finding a company that has a good reputation and positive customer feedback can sometimes be quite a challenge. However, once you find an appropriate local company, you should consider if their vehicle sizing is similar to the ones like Go With The Gecko as their rentals are known to be very good.

Choosing the size for you

The first step when it comes to choosing the size is to organize yourself by making a plan what items you are going to carry, and what exactly you are going to use the vehicle for. Once you do that, measure the items that you plan to stash inside of the vehicle during the ride, and always add an extra inch because you will probably not use everything that the van has to offer as a professional packer would.

Today, picking up items from a nearby city is quite common as the shipping prices can be outrageous, and picking up a bigger item manually is a lot more affordable. In this scenario, you should probably get for a UTE vehicle as it can go as fast as a car, and it provides more than enough space for your big package.

However, if you are moving multiple items, like when you would move into a new home, then you definitely want to go for a van instead. Vans are superior when it comes to space that they offer, however, you will need to have a special driving license for them while UTEs can be driven by having a standard driving license like the one for a regular car.

If you are planning to go fishing or somewhere off-road with your friends, UTEs are the perfect choice as they can easily carry five people and all the gear you would need for an outdoor 1-day trip event. On longer distances, vans might be a better choice as UTEs often don’t offer any sun protection for the crew that is riding in the back.

Rental services offer different sized vehicles

Additional Equipment

Renting companies often give out some additional equipment when you specify the purpose of hiring a vehicle from their lot. However, there are a lot of companies who do not have this policy, so it is advised that you are often prepared with your own straps, dollies, padding materials and everything that you might use during your journey.

If you are planning to interstate hire from Go With The Gecko, you will most likely receive the equipment as well as consultations with the professionals in case you need to make a decision what kind of vehicle you should get. They will often offer to come to your house to check out the furniture that you are moving if you cannot decide if you have picked an appropriately sized vehicle.

UTE vehicles have a lot of different trays

Final Word

No matter what kind of task you pick up, research is the key for everything. There are quite a lot of articles which will provide you with valuable information, and once you find something that has plenty of positive feedback from various customers, you will know that is the choice which is going to be the correct one.

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