Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins in Your Home

Home vulnerability is the topmost apprehension for anyone. Where people spend thousands of dollars on home safekeeping appliances, they are always in search of better security options.

Security systems are not available for every house and not all the people can afford hefty security appliances but there is always something you can DO AT HOME to increase the security of your house and prevent break-ins.

Here’s how you can increase the security of your household.

1.   Securing Door and Window Locks

The very first thing you should consider is making sure all the doors are locked while you are leaving the house or going to bed. It has been noticed that 80% of break-ins occur while people leave or sleep and forget to lock their doors and windows.

Leaving door and window locks open is, obviously, an open invitation to intruders to your home in its own sense. Therefore, just take a last look before leaving the house or going to bed to make sure everything is locked-in and secure. You can also install residential automatic openers to save the hassle of keeping a check on your doors.

2.   Securing Garages

Think about other ways to break into your home, the second thought after windows and doors would be the garage. Usually, people use automatic garage door openers that are controlled by a remote to open and close. Now, as much as this method is convenient to use, it is much of a risk at the same time.

If you keep your garage’s remote in your car, there’s a possibility that a burglar can break into your car, if not your house, and steal the remote. That way, he now has a “walk-in” way into your secure household.

That is why it is recommended to use a deadbolt between your garage and house doors. It might require you to turn a key each time you enter your house through the garage but it will make sure that your house remains secure with added security.

3.   Using Alarm Systems

The best way to get an alert if someone breaks into your house is by an alarm system. These systems are programmed to automatically alert local authorities as well as house owners in case an intruder tries to or enters your house without permission.

Alarm systems are usually controlled with passcodes that are only known by you or your relatives. So, there is no bypassing of these systems.

4.   Telling Neighbors If You Are Leaving

Last but not least, tell your neighbours if you are going away for a while and ask them to keep an eye on your house. This will allow you to enjoy your trip with the comfort of having your house watched by a pair of eyes.

5.   Some Extra Things

Now that you know what you must do to keep your house secure from break-ins, here are some more quick tips.

  • Keep Your House Partially Lit.
  • Double-check all windows and doors, even on the second floor.
  • Do not forget to lock the hind doors.
  • Secure the pet doors (if any).
  • Use manual locks instead of electric locks.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to ensure a safe household. If you are looking for a nightstand with drawers, you might want to keep all the required tools of a garage in it as well. This will create much less mess and ensure a safe and clean garage.

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