Important Things to Know About EVSE Chargers


EVSE charging is the overlooked child in the electric car family. Most consumers are so busy dreaming about life with no gas budget, they completely ignore the fact that their new car needs to be regularly charged. Many mistakenly believe that their new electric car can simply plug into the wall but that is not the case. This is why when considering the purchase of an electric vehicle one should at least understand the basic of EVSE charging.

What is EVSE?

An EVSE charger is any electric unit that takes power from your home (AC) and converts it into power for your car (DC). You have probably seen the various public chargers loitering here and there. These are great because they are fast chargers. A few hours in front of one can give your vehicle miles and miles of use. Unfortunately, as electric cars are not mainstream such chargers are not readily available everywhere. This is when EVSE chargers come into play.

If you own a vehicle that runs on electricity you need an EVSE charger. EVSE chargers give you the ability to charge your vehicle in the comfort of your own home. There are numerous models on the market with different capacities, features, and portability. The choice basically boils down to what your specific situation requires. If you live in a rural area and travel long distances you need a higher yield charger. If you reside in an apartment complex you may need a portable charger.

There are Levels

The level of an EVSE charger is related to how fast it chargers your vehicle. Level 4 is currently the highest with number one being the lowest. When choosing a EVSE charger it is important to pay attention to levels as they affect many things. Level 1 charger for instance plug into a traditional socket. Level 2 goes through a box. It delivers a higher charge but requires installation in your home. Level 1 charges slower but it is portable whereas a level 2 is pretty much fixed to the spot. Obviously, level 2 carries a higher price tag to level 1. Level 3 and 4 are mostly reserved for public chargers and newer model electric cars.

They May Provide Discounts

Depending on the state or region that you live in the use of an electric car may provide significant tax breaks or rebates. As the world attempts to go green rewards are regularly offered to those that reduce their carbon footprint. An electric car certainly does that. Such rewards can usually be found on public access websites. It is recommended to research this website to see if you are eligible.

They are Evolving

As conservation becomes more mainstream a lot more attention is being paid to electric vehicles. They are still regarded by many as the future of transportation. EVSE chargers today are leaps and bounds better then when they first debuted. This is because they are evolving. Newer chargers even use smartphone technology. This evolution means better advantages, more companies producing models, and a more competitive market.


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