Give the Gift of Yourself

So many people are focused on what to give for special occasions that they may forget the why. The reasons for giving can vary with the occasion but it all boils down to a desire to show someone you care. There are many ways to accomplish that without wrapping it in fancy paper and ribbons. Consider the following ideas.

Give Their Car a Makeover

Everyone loves to get in a clean car. Take the car to the car wash center Bel Air MD residents rely on for a wash and wax. Wash the interior windows and vacuum the floors and upholstery. Fill the tank with gas and check the air in the tires. Fill the glove compartment with their favorite snacks for good measure.

Treat them to Dinner

A night out at their favorite restaurant is a real treat, but even more so would be for you to cook for them. Set a great table and play their favorite music. If you can’t cook, try takeout Chinese or Mexican food. And do not forget the dessert. This need not be a romantic affair – the same would be really fun for a good friend – invite the whole group.

Movie Marathon

If your friend is a big fan of superhero movies or British films, plan a movie night or even an all-day Saturday movie party. Plan three or four films, interspersed with plenty of sodas or flavored water, popcorn, fruit slices or other healthy snacks. Plan a lunch break with some great sandwiches. For good measure, you can always add a DVD of the final film if the day runs long.

Treat your friend to a manicure and pedicure, but do it with them to add a bit of fun to the event. Add a couple of massages into the mix to have your friend feeling on top of their fame and completely relaxed at the end of the day. The only limit to a gift you are truly involved in is your imagination.

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