Why Windshield Cracks Are Dangerous

Vehicle windshields are made of laminated glass and manufactured to provide the highest level of safety during a vehicle crash (or in the event of a cracked windshield). The glass windshield is composed of two pieces of glass and a layer of vinyl in between, with all three pieces laminated together.

When a stone or rock hits your windshield, the impact usually damages only the outer layer of the windshield glass. However, in severe impacts, the glass tends to “shatter” and not fall apart – this is because the broken glass pieces stay together as part of the vinyl inner lining and the glass lamination.

A cracked windshield can impair driver visibility

Typically, a chipped or cracked windshield will not pose a serious safety threat to either the driver or passenger. But it should still be repaired or replaced by someone who specializes in windshield repair. There are, however, risks when driving around with windshield damage, particularly if road visibility is compromised.

Even smaller cracks or chips can cause impaired visibility for a driver. Worse still, dirt and grime can collect in and around a windshield crack and also decrease visibility. Whatever the scope of damage, impaired visibility can potentially compromise driver safety. Sooner or later, windshield crack repair will become necessary.

Cracked windshields are less resistant to impact

We may not pay much attention, but vehicle windshields are indispensable to the structural integrity of a vehicle. All things considered, a damaged windshield will be less resistant and less resilient when impacted in a vehicle accident. Both driver and passenger safety can potentially be compromised with a damaged windshield.

A damaged windshield (whether cracked or chipped) could realistically pop out during a vehicle collision. This could also occur when a replaced windshield has not been properly installed/glued into place. Because windshields are designed to provide structural support for a vehicle, additional damage to the vehicle is also possible.

Cracked windshields could decrease durability

Cracked windshields can potentially decrease the overall durability of your vehicle. Because vehicle windshields are designed to provide structural integrity, they also provide a “load-bearing” component for the vehicle. In the event of a front-end collision, the windshield will actively transfer the collision impact down towards the chassis.

When your windshield is damaged, for whatever reason, it simply won’t be able to act as a “load-bearing” component – and it will therefore NOT provide the durability you need for driver and patient safety. As well, chances are that the windshield will break during a front-end vehicle collision (the impact will be just too much to bear).

General Auto Glass provides professional

windshield crack repair when required

If you’ve experienced windshield glass damage, General Auto Glass can provide the expert repairs to avoid full windshield replacement. Our policy is to replace your windshield only if it’s required (smaller cracks and chips can be effectively repaired).

At General Auto Glass, window repairs are fully guaranteed. Find out more by calling one of our glass experts at 905-604-0433, or visit our company website for a FREE comprehensive pricing quote that reflects the precise scope of damage to your vehicle.

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