Why Is Mapping Underground Utilities Important?

When you are buying land to build on, you will need different types of surveys and inspections both before and after getting the proper permits and one of these includes mapping underground utilities that run through the property. This is an important step for not only the safety of the building and those working on or in it, but also for the smooth management of utilities such as telecommunications, water and natural gas for the area.

Construction Safety

Knowing where gas and water lines are running through your property before you break ground can help workers avoid those hitting them when digging for foundations. Not only can repairs to underground utilities be expensive, the burst pipes can create safety hazards such as waste being released onto a worksite or fires from sparks igniting natural gas. The safety of your finished building can also be impacted by where the utilities run and access to repair them when needed. When you hire a mapping of underground utilities Laurel MD company to survey your property, these lines can be included in the building plans and clearly marked on the surface to avoid accidents.

Utilities Management

Underground utility lines can not only be broken by accidental impact from construction equipment, they can also degrade over time from natural elements. Having accurate mapping of these lines can help municipalities better plan upgrades and maintenance while avoiding the costs to homeowners and public funds which come from digging in the wrong places. Since more utility lines, such as fiberoptic and telecommunications cables, are being added all the time, it is important to routinely update public maps of these lines with the newest imaging technology available.

Mapping underground utility lines can have advantages for the construction of individual projects as well as utilities management and city planning. As new technologies are developed, more lines are being added underground and new ways to image and map these lines become available.

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