5 Ways to Secure Cargo in Your Truck

Whether you use your truck for hauling work supplies, groceries, or camping gear, you want to be sure to keep your stuff safe. There are many options for ensuring cargo in your truck bed is not sliding around or an easy target for theft. Consider these five ways to keep your things secure and out of the weather.

1. Tonneau Covers

Flat covers that protect your truck’s contents are called tonneau covers. They allow full access to the entire bed area, which is an attractive feature for many truck owners. Models might be retractable, folding, or fixed. Some basic models snap on along the edges of your truck bed, while others may be available with remote electric operation.

2. Fixed Caps

Truck caps are most often fiberglass shells that cover the entire truck bed, making it a secure, weatherproof cargo hold. They can be removed after installation to accommodate oversized items, but this is best avoided if possible.

3. Cargo Boxes

Truck or cargo boxes are smaller, so they are great for securing packages or tools. They are generally mounted in the truck bed with bolts, although some models may use wheel wells as anchors for placement. A cargo box gives you the ability to use part of your bed for secure storage while still having open space for taller items.

4. Custom Work Caps or Boxes

If you need to keep tools and other specialized equipment in your truck, look for specialty cargo boxes or caps that are designed for this purpose. Plumbers and electricians can really benefit from a customized cargo situation like this.

5. Cargo Bars

For times when you just want to keep something from sliding around in the bed, a cargo bar could be all the support you need. Many install in minutes by tensioning to the sides of your truck bed. They will keep an item in place during transport, but they do not offer any protection from weather or vandals.

No matter your storage needs, you can find something to help you get cargo from point A to point B safely and securely. Be sure to take protection from the weather into consideration if you will be transporting things that could be damaged.

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