4 Jobs That Give You Freedom

If you want a lifestyle that includes more freedom, there are many job options that do not require sitting behind a desk all day. Here are four free-spirited ways to make money.


If you are skilled at composition and interested in the world around you, photography is a great choice. Working as a travel photographer requires you to get out and put yourself in the middle of things. You can specialize in certain types of images such as animals or natural scenery, further feeding your interests.


People who drive trucks spend a lot of time on the road, watching that line arrow into infinity, as writer Jack Kerouac described. As a driver, you can see sights—and sites—across the country, from the Northeast Atlantic Seaboard to the Pacific Ocean. There are plenty of hopper bottom jobs available, as reliable transport of goods is a key part of modern logistics.

Website Developer

Just about every business has a website these days. The modern market practically demands it for long-term success. If you are skilled at graphics and writing computer code, you can design websites. This job allows great flexibility, both in hours and in location. You can work from anywhere in the world. There is fierce competition in this field, but if you are skilled at it and know how to market yourself, you can build a business.

English Teacher

If you are a native English speaker and want to travel to exotic places, you can have your ticket to do so by becoming an English teacher. You can work either as a freelancer or for a company. This position will get you a visa in most countries. Happy travels!

Free Spirits

If you want a job that gives you freedom, you can have it with a bit of creative thinking. Make the most of your experience and skills to turn interests into a job that takes you wherever you want to go. The world opens to you when you take that first step.

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