3 Must-Haves for Every Farm

Having a farm is a lot of work. It is even more work if you don’t have the necessary equipment. For all farmers, here are three must-haves.

Tractors and UTVs

Make sure that you get the tractor that suits the size of your farm when you look into tractor equipment sales Long Prairie MN farmers use. A compact tractor is great for small farms. You can mow your lawn by the acre, push snow, set fence posts and more. If you have a farm that is less than 60 acres, you can even forego the tractor in favor of a UTV with the right attachments. Larger pieces of land, however, can benefit from a tractor. Tractors do a lot of heavy work for you. For instance, a tractor can bail your hay, whereas a UTV can only haul supplies.

Yard Carts

If you are a new farmer, one of the first pieces of equipment that you should invest in is a handcart. These are affordable carts that you can haul around. They are sturdier and more capable than wheelbarrows. You can use a cart to move topsoil, seeds or even tools for your farm. If you have cows, you may even be able to use it to transport a calf to the barn during bad weather.

Power Tools

There are a lot of different electric power tools available. The most commonly used power tools are the circular saw and the electric drill. If you need to do any building on your farm, then these tools are essentials. If you need to hang a new barn door or build your fence, then you cannot go without these tools.

When it comes to running your farm, there are certain types of equipment that you need to have. With these three pieces of equipment, you can run a more efficient farm.

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